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Guangzhou Champlane Sports Goods Co.,Limited is a professional company devotes to manufacture and process swimming goggle, swimming cap, kickboard, nose clip, earplug, waterproof swimming dry bag. It has a complete scientific quality control system. Champlane has earned all the approvals in the field with its honesty, strength and production quality. We welcome you from different industries to  give us a visit and bussiness cooperation.
UK Champlane International CO.,Ltd, established in London, is a professional company that designs swimming sports products. They design all kinds of.......

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What equipment do you need for swimming? What equipment do you need for swimming?
There is no need to say the right swimsuit, swimming cap, and goggles. Nose clips and earplugs depend on personal needs, and anti-fog liquid for goggles is also essential. For swimming beginners, floating boards are essential. There are about three types of floating boards, A-type floating board, U-shaped floating board and back float. The A-type floating plate has a strong grip, and the U-shaped floating plate has a more comfortable grip. Back drifting is usually layered. You can increase or decrease the number of pieces to adjust the buoyancy according to your needs. It is also useful for swimming sticks, but swimming sticks are not easy to store.
2019-11-20Ophthalmologist: Wear swimming goggles when swimming in the sea, and wash your eyes after swimming
2019-11-20Why do swimmers lick their goggles before the game? After reading a lot of insights!
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The same is the launching sport, why do you only wear a swimming cap for diving, and you still need to wear swimming goggles for swimming? The same is the launching sport, why do you only wear a swimming cap for diving, and you still need to wear swimming goggles for swimming?
Friends who like to swim know that they need to prepare swimming caps and swimming goggles before entering the water, but some friends asked, if they are all sports, why do divers only wear swimming caps, but swimmers still have to What about wearing swimming goggles? In fact, this question is not difficult to answer. The most intuitive answer is that diving is jumping down, while swimming is swimming forward. The two are naturally different.
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